Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm still here!

Yes, I'm still here!   Been very busy lately, but I will come back to blogging about this and that very soon.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gold Belly Button Rings

If you're in to belly button or navel piercing, then GoldBellyButtonRings.org is just for you.  For more information about gold belly button rings, click the link in the title of this post to go to the site.

Wood Closet Organizers

If your closet is a total mess, or you just need a little help keeping your closet organized, then a closet organizer is the trick.   Find out more about wood closet organizers by visiting WoodClosetOrganizer.net.  Just click the link in the title of the post.  

Clawfoot Tubs and Faucets

Clawfoot and vintage tubs are just about the coolest things ever invented for taking a nice long hot soaking bath.   For more information about clawfoot tubs and faucets, click the link in the title to take you to ClawfootTubsAnd Faucets.net

Fluke Digital Multimeters

For all of the electricians, electrical engineers, and technicians who service electrical devices, Fluke Corporation is a leading manufacturer of digital multimeters, clamp meters, and other electrical testing equipment.  

Wall Mount Faucets

Another great site to visit if you're in the market to buy a wall mounted faucet for your bathroom or kitchen. 

Automatic Watch Winders

If you have a self-winding automatic watch, go to this site for more information about automatic watch winder boxes.  It's a pretty cool way to keep your watches wound up and ready to go for when you need them. 

Visit SatellitePhone-Rental.com if you need a satellite phone

If you're looking to rent or buy a satellite phone, go to satellitephone-rental.com where you'll find links to suppliers who sell and rent sat phones.  

Rotary Phase Converters Website

New website I thought you might want to check out RotaryPhaseConverters.org.   If you need a unit to convert single phase electrical power to three phase electrical power, then you need a rotary phase converter.  Click the link in the title of this post to take you to the site. 

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newest Site Now Online

Since my last post, I've published two more sites - they're now live and online.   Now these sites are in no way the final product but merely the beginning.  Let me explain my thinking... 

As I mentioned earlier, I'm first getting all of my registered domains online as fast as possible so Google can other search engines can find and index them.  This is important because it sometimes takes a few months before a site has "aged" sufficiently to get out of the so-called "Google Sandbox."  After I get my sites online, I'll then go back and continue building and refining each site properly, the way it needs to be done.  This includes content development, link-building, promotion, etc.   

Here's the latest two I've published.  Now remember, these sites are in early development and are not complete by any means.  They are and will continue to be "works in progress."   See my previous posts for sites I've done earlier.