Sunday, September 20, 2009

Newest Site Now Online

Since my last post, I've published two more sites - they're now live and online.   Now these sites are in no way the final product but merely the beginning.  Let me explain my thinking... 

As I mentioned earlier, I'm first getting all of my registered domains online as fast as possible so Google can other search engines can find and index them.  This is important because it sometimes takes a few months before a site has "aged" sufficiently to get out of the so-called "Google Sandbox."  After I get my sites online, I'll then go back and continue building and refining each site properly, the way it needs to be done.  This includes content development, link-building, promotion, etc.   

Here's the latest two I've published.  Now remember, these sites are in early development and are not complete by any means.  They are and will continue to be "works in progress."   See my previous posts for sites I've done earlier.

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